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Twitch Guest Star - Stream Report Newsletter by Gaming Careers

Twitch and YouTube simplify co-streaming

If you’ve ever wanted to feature guests in your live streams, Twitch and YouTube have released new features to make this much easier for both the streamer and the guest.

22nd November 2022

Facecam Pro - Stream Report Newsletter by Gaming Careers

Streamers Caught in 4K

As the first ever webcam to shoot at 4K resolution while maintaining a smooth framerate of 60fps, the FaceCam Pro is capable of delivering a professional look to your live streams.

8th November 2022

TwitchCon 2022 - Stream Report Newsletter by Gaming Careers

What Exactly Happened at TwitchCon?

This year’s TwitchCon in San Diego, California, marked the return to IRL meets for streamers from all over the world. The event at the San Diego Convention Centre was scheduled to host more than 90,000 attendees over three days.

17th October 2022

Improve Your Twitch Streams - Stream Report Newsletter by Gaming Careers

Why Your Twitch Stream SUCKS (and how to FIX it)

In 2022, there is no excuse for bad-looking streams or technical issues on Twitch anymore. I go through the most common issues people have streaming and the tools + settings that you should be using to fix them.

7th September 2022

Stream Deck Plugin for OBS - Stream Report Newsletter by Gaming Careers

10 NEW Controls for OBS and Stream Deck

If you have been using OBS Studio to stream and a Stream Deck of some sort to manage your stream, you’ve probably been pretty disappointed with the lack of things you could control.

1st July 2022

7 Free Tools - Stream Report Newsletter by Gaming Careers

7 FREE Tools EVERY YouTuber Should Be Using

Last week I released a new video covering 7 free tools that I use daily as a full-time YouTuber. These tools help me to script, film, edit, publish, and promote my videos on YouTube. I think many creators could benefit from using them too!

13th June 2022