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Twitch Fights Back Against Drops Farming

We explore Twitch's crackdown on Drops Farming and its implications for streamers, and reveal the exciting dates and venues for TwitchCon 2024.

Big Changes at Twitch

We examine the implications of Twitch's workforce reduction, dissect CEO Dan Clancy's vision for the platform's future, and discuss the end of massive exclusivity contracts.

Twitch, NVIDIA, and OBS Team Up for Enhanced Broadcasting

We examine Twitch's latest Enhanced Broadcasting feature in partnership with NVIDIA and OBS, and analyze the implications of Twitch's updated Attire Policy for streamers and viewers alike.

2024 Creator’s Guide to Streaming Success

As we enter a new year, it's time to redefine your streaming strategy and level up your content. This edition shares vital tips to help you stand out in the world of live-streaming.

Did Twitch Go Too Far? The Content Policy U-Turn

We're unpacking Twitch's contentious policy reversal and dissecting the suite of updates aimed at streamer discovery and collaboration.

Your Year in Streaming – Twitch Recap

We examine the personalized insights from Twitch's 2023 Recap, discuss TikTok's expansion into long-form content, and highlight Twitch's additional animated emote slots.

Twitch is Shutting Down in Korea

We examine Twitch's farewell to the Korean market, discuss the rise of multistreaming, and unpack the debate surrounding Mountain Dew's AI-driven campaign on Twitch.

Twitch Boosts Streamer Engagement with Third-Party Events

We examine Twitch's new initiative to integrate third-party events, delve into the ongoing debate about whether creators should be paid to cover games, and uncover the JerryRigEverything vs Casetify legal battle ignited over alleged design theft.

Twitch Unveils New Updates and Holiday Promotions

We explore Twitch's latest updates and features, share the best place for streamers to find Black Friday deals, and delve into YouTube's new approach to AI and its implications for content creators.

OBS Studio 30 Launched: A Look at What’s New

We delve into the exciting features and improvements introduced with OBS Studio 30, explore YouTube's experimentation with new AI features, and discuss Noice's recent $21 million funding for its innovative gaming and livestreaming platform.

Platforms vs. Ad Blockers ⚔️

We examine YouTube's intensified fight against ad blockers, discuss the implications of Twitch discontinuing its Nintendo Switch app support, and delve into the surge in Twitch viewership sparked by Fortnite's reintroduction of its original map.

Twitch CEO Reveals Future Plans

We examine Twitch CEO Dan Clancy's revelations about the future direction of the platform, dissect the ongoing competition and controversies involving Twitch, YouTube, and Kick, and delve into Twitch's latest feature, 'Bonus Sub Benefits', aimed at enhancing community engagement.

Twitch Finally Allows Multi-Streaming To Other Platforms

We explore Twitch's groundbreaking update allowing multi-streaming, examine the implications of NICKMERCS' high-profile partnership with Kick, and delve into Twitch's latest policy changes aimed at controlling the misuse of embedded streams.

Is Elgato’s $280 Prompter Worth It?

We delve into a comparative review of Elgato's new product, 'Prompter', explore the new 'Stories' feature launched by Twitch, and unpack the latest design overhaul by YouTube.

Why Streamers Are Excited About Patreon’s Big Changes

Patreon rebrands to empower creators and avoid algorithms, Rooster Teeth pulls shows from YouTube for exclusive streaming on their site, and Discord makes key changes including closing its Partner Program.