Episode Description

On this week’s episode, we discuss four of the main platforms – Twitter, YouTube, kick.com, and Twitch. We chat about the changes to Twitter’s longer tweets, the impact of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stepping down, the potential for kick.com to become a major streaming platform and Twitch’s engagement strategies and the channel skins feature.

Twitch Is Faking Views, Kick Creator Program, YouTube CEO Quits - EP70 - The Gaming Careers Podcast

Topics Covered

  • Twitter Updates (Long Tweets, 2FA, Pay For Checkmark)
  • YouTube Updates (Reply With Shorts, Susan Steps Down)
  • Kick Updates (Big Moves, Creator Program)
  • Twitch Updates (Inflated Views, Channel Tags, Channel Skins, TwitchCon)
  • Softgiving Charity Controversy

Video Podcast

We also have a YouTube playlist where we keep the VODs from previous podcast livestreams.