Episode Description

Sometimes success on Twitch comes down to being the most knowledgeable person on a specific subject at the right time. Join Pete and Ben as they also discuss the rise in interest of stocks in the streaming world, the latest updates to YouTube,  Streamlabs’ quarterly report, technical changes on Twitch and more.

YouTube Clips, Twitch Embeds, and GameStonks Streamers - The Gaming Careers Podcast

Topics Covered

  • Stonk Stocks
  • Clips Coming to YouTube
  • Streamlabs Quarterly Report
  • Twitch Emote Management Improves
  • Embedding Gone Bad
  • Partners Without Ads
  • Copyright & Privacy Concerns
  • Twitch Blocking VPNs
  • Your Questions Answered

Video Podcast

We also have a YouTube channel where we upload the video versions of all of our podcasts.