Twitch Removes Followers / Keeping Up With Chat

Twitch has recently purged millions of bot accounts from its platform and has caused some large impact to some of the biggest channels. Join Pete and Ben as they also discuss Ludwig breaking subscription records, Rode providing an update to its NT-USB mic, upcoming Twitch events and more.

Discord’s Newest Feature is a Perfect Copy of Clubhouse

Dr. Disrespect has released his book 'Violent. Speed. Momentum' with praising reviews before it's even been received. Join Pete and Ben as they also discuss the Discord transparency report, Jimmy Fallon's Twitch debut, Ludwig's continuing live stream and more.

Ludwig’s ABSURD Subathon Stream Passes 400 Hours

Twitch has an inbuilt closed captions tool available to streamers which many didn't know about, until now. Join Pete and Ben as they also discuss the rise of the GTAV category, how follower only mode hurts creators, Twitch hiring for a new department and more.

Twitch DMCA Roadmap, are Microsoft Buying Discord?

Twitch showcased some new tools for creators to manage potential DMCA claims as well as their own content to protect themselves, but still falls short. Join Pete and Ben as they also discuss changes to YouTube's copyright process, the benefits of co-streaming live events, Microsoft possibly buying Discord and more.

What Does Twitch’s Brand Safety Score Mean?

The discovery of the Brand Safety Score on Twitch has left some nervous about what this means for their earnings moving forwards. Join Pete and Ben as they also discuss Glimesh's launch post-mortem, Ludwig's never ending stream, the new Twitch Atlas and more.