Are Big Streamers Losing Touch - EP45 The Gaming Careers Podcast
Are BIG Streamers Losing Touch?

Working with sponsors and launching products is a big part of how full-time streamers generate income. This week saw popular YouTube streamer Valkyrae launch a new skincare product called RFLCT, which has received warranted backlash from the community. In this week's podcast, we'll be talking about how streamers can work with sponsors, as well as covering all the other news from the streaming industry.

EP16 TheGrefg - The Gaming Careers Podcast
TheGrefg SHATTERS Twitch Records 2+ MILLION Viewers

The all-time record for peak live streaming viewership in one channel was recently broken with over 2 million viewers. Join Pete and Ben as they also discuss what these viewership numbers mean for live streaming, the ongoing technical problems on Twitch, recent changes to developer content policies and more.

Twitch Streamers FORCED To Delete Their Life’s Work

The Gaming Careers Podcast is back! Joined by our new co-host Benjamin Green, this week we discuss the ongoing DMCA strikes happening on Twitch, AOC's record breaking first stream, new tech from companies like Elgato and Shure, and the big streamers that are limiting how much viewers can donate.