Below I have 3 different setups for people looking to get themselves a new streaming rig. There is a budget setup, a professional setup, and an ultimate setup. All 3 setups get updated every month to make sure you are always getting the most up-to-date deals and highest performing parts for their price!

This build has been designed to help you get up and running with a smooth streaming setup for as little money as possible. I’m constantly updating this kit to make sure the products included give you the best bang for your buck, hitting that sweet performance spot at a brilliant price point.

All the products included have detailed descriptions justifying why I think they are ideal for someone looking to get into streaming with a high performing setup without breaking the bank.

In the professional setup, I aim to select a system which is future-proofed and can handle higher framerates and resolutions on newer and more demanding games.

Anyone looking to really push the quality of their stream whilst still being able to play at high framerates will require this higher performing build.

I’ve also selected a number of streaming accessories that should help make your stream look and sound more professional.

The ultimate streaming build is what I consider to be a build that will easily last you 4+ years streaming the newest games at the highest framerates and resolutions.

All the products in this kit have been chosen for their performance whilst streaming and editing.

If you want to REALLY take your stream to the next level and invest properly in your career, these are the build and accessories for you!