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YouTube’s AI Future, Twitch’s Chat Tool, & xQc’s Copyright Clash

We explore YouTube's new AI-powered tools for creators, delve into a copyright dispute involving streamer xQc, and spotlight Twitch's beta feature 'Chat & Events'.

Get Paid to Stream? Unpacking Kick’s Creator Incentive Program

Kick has just released the requirements for its Creator Incentive Program, which was initially announced in August. This program offers a unique compensation model that includes an hourly wage for streamers, a stark contrast to other platforms like Twitch's Partner Program.

Stream Smarter, Not Harder: Twitch’s New Viewer Analytics Tool

Twitch has introduced a valuable new tool to its Dashboard that helps streamers identify the best times to broadcast their content.

The Power of Co-Streaming: Tarik Surpasses Riot’s Broadcast

In a surprising development last week, Tarik 'tarik' Celik delivered a masterstroke in co-streaming. His Valorant VCT co-stream gathered 2.9 million hours watched, surpassing Riot’s official English Broadcast, which stood at 2.4 million.

Are Twitch Streamers Finally Allowed To Multistream?

In a surprising move, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy confirmed that the company has granted popular streamer Ninja permission to livestream simultaneously on multiple platforms.

Banned from Chatting, Banned from Watching – Twitch’s New Rule

Twitch's new feature allows streamers to block viewers, common mistakes holding back your streams, and Twitch's experimental TikTok-style discovery feed.

A New Era for Live Streaming: Introducing AV1

We explore YouTube's game-changing update introducing AV1 and HEVC encoders for live streams, Kick's bold move of paying streamers an hourly wage, and the unveiling of Obskur, a new streaming app for Vtubers.

Twitch Takes First Steps to Boost Discovery for Small Streamers

We explore Twitch's new "Featured Clips" feature, reflect on the responsibilities of creators following a chaotic giveaway in NYC, and discuss Discord's latest game streaming feature for Xbox users.

Are Twitch Streamers Stealing Content?

We delve into the ongoing controversy over Twitch streamers' reaction videos, explore Twitch's new music partnership with Pretzel, and examine the platform's top-heavy viewership structure.

Twitch’s Latest Feature: Channel Point Alerts for Better Engagement

We delve into Twitch's new Channel Point alerts, explore Twitter's surprising rebrand to 'X', and track the spread of NPC Streaming from TikTok to Twitch.

Twitch Streamers Get More Specific with New Content Labels

We delve into Twitch's new approach to mature content labels, explore the details of Twitter's new ad revenue-sharing program, and discuss Logitech's latest acquisition of Loupedeck, a Stream Deck competitor.

Twitch’s Discovery Feed: A New Way to Grow Your Audience

We delve into the suite of new features unveiled by Twitch at their Paris convention, explore the shaky outlook for the widely-used GoXLR audio interface, and examine the explosive debut of Meta's Twitter rival, "Threads", which has already attracted over 100 million signups in its initial week.

Twitch Loses Top Streamer xQc as Kick Makes $100 Million Splash

Kick signs xQc for $100 million, Twitch announces a new 'Partner Plus' program, and a look at the potential of 'Live Shopping' as an affiliate income opportunity for streamers.

Boost Your Revenue: YouTube Makes Monetization Easier Than Ever!

YouTube lowered the requirements for creators to access monetization, Twitch introduced a Monetized Streamer Agreement, and Kick teams up with Streamlabs and 7TV.

Twitch's New Ad Rules: What Streamers Need to Know

Twitch’s New Ad Rules Spell Trouble for Streamers

Twitch's new guidelines for branded content have caused controversy in the streaming community, as the restrictions on logos, video, display, and audio ads could have significant consequences for creators' revenue.