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Join Pete Wilkins and Benjamin Green every week as they delve into the rapidly expanding world of live streaming. Tune in to discover the latest news from the streaming industry, gain valuable insights on growing your stream, and listen to exclusive interviews with special guests who share the secrets behind their success.

Twitch CEO Quits After 16 Years! (with Lowco)

Emmett Shear, the CEO of Twitch, stepped down after founding the platform 16 years ago. Join Pete and special guest Lowco as they dive into what this means for the platform and their thoughts on the new CEO who's taking over.

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Twitch & YouTube Finally Reveal 2023 Features

This week on the Gaming Careers podcast we discussed a variety of news from Twitch and YouTube, such as Kai Cenat's record-breaking achievement, Stream Elements' new charity alerts feature, and Discord's new Super Reactions feature for Nitro subscribers. We also discussed Twitch and YouTube updates, including their new features such as Viewer Milestones, Multi-Language Audio, and the Time To Stream Experiment.

Twitch Is Faking Views, Kick Creator Program, YouTube CEO Quits

On this week's episode, we discuss four of the main platforms - Twitter, YouTube,, and Twitch. We chat about the changes to Twitter's longer tweets, the impact of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stepping down, the potential for to become a major streaming platform and Twitch's engagement strategies and the channel skins feature.

Streamers Go Vertical [Shorts Rev Share, Aitum]

Is vertical content going to be the future for live streamers? With YouTube Shorts launching revenue share, and Aitum releasing their new vertical plugin for OBS, it certainly seems so!

7 NEW Features Coming to Twitch in 2023!

Twitch released a full roadmap of features they plan to launch in 2023! Join Pete and Ben as they dive into the upcoming changes and how they might impact you as a streamer.

These Games Are Making Streamers Go VIRAL!

We discuss the specific games that are seeing HUGE jumps in viewership for streamers, and what you can do to predict the next game that could make you go viral!

Why are Twitch Ad Offers Suddenly SO BAD?

Have your ad incentive offers on Twitch been disappointingly low this month? Well, you're not alone!

So MUCH New Streaming Tech Announced At CES 2023

This week we cover all of the new streaming tech products announced at CES, updates to YouTube's Partner Program, a new version of OBS Studio, and a whole lot more!

Which Streaming Platform Wins in 2023?

We're back! In this episode, we discuss all the latest creator platform updates from the likes of Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and even Tumblr (yes, they're launching livestreaming in 2023!).

Twitch Launch Shared Bans, $50 Threshold, and Raid Controls

Twitch has been busy launching a whole suite of new features for streamers such as allowing streamers to share ban lists, reducing the payment threshold to $50, and giving streamers more control over who can raid them.

Why Are BIG Streamers Leaving Twitch?

Even more top streamers have announced they're leaving Twitch for YouTube. Join Gaming Careers and Benjamin Green for the Gaming Careers Podcast live!

Twitch NEWS – Better Ad Splits, Discovery Update, AND Charity Mode

Twitch has been busy testing a whole bunch of new features designed to increase streamer income and improve discoverability. But will they actually work? Join Pete and Ben for the Gaming Careers Podcast live!

YouTube LEVELS UP – Gifted Subs, Raids, and Clips are HERE!

Some HUGE and much-needed YouTube updates have been released this week that streamers and creators have long demanded the platform to compete with Twitch. Join Pete and Ben for the Gaming Careers Podcast live!

Twitch Sub Split Leaks – Streamers ALREADY Moving To YouTube

This week a leak dropped about Twitch's potential planned changes to the Partner program and it's not good! We've also had the Q1 industry report from Stream Hatchet so will be diving into the data to see what's been changing.

Elon Musk BUYS Twitter For $43bn

Twitter is poised to agree on a sale to Elon Musk for a reported $43bn. What does this mean for the platform and all the content creators on it? Join Pete and Ben for The Gaming Careers Podcast live!