10 NEW Controls for OBS and Stream Deck

In this issue, we bring you exciting news for streamers who use OBS and a Stream Deck, with a brand new update adding 10 highly requested actions to the Stream Deck. Twitch has also been busy testing new features to increase streamer income and improve discoverability, including a move to a revenue share model for ads and a new browsing layout. Additionally, we highlight the incredible achievement of Spanish streamer Ibai, who shattered the all-time concurrent viewership record on Twitch.


July 1, 2022

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HUGE UPDATE for Stream Deck and OBS!

If you have been using OBS Studio to stream and a Stream Deck of some sort to manage your stream, you’ve probably been pretty disappointed with the lack of things you could control.

Well, today that changes, as a brand new update for the Stream Deck has come out that adds 10 highly requested new actions that you can control in OBS using your Stream Deck:

  1. Record Pause – Pause or resume an active recording
  2. Replay Buffer – Turn on or off the replay buffer
  3. Replay Buffer Save – Save the active replay buffer
  4. Scene Collection – Switch scene collections
  5. Media Source Control – Play, pause, restart or stop a media source
  6. Studio Mode – Turn Studio Mode on or off
  7. Preview to Program – Send the preview scene to program (When in Studio Mode)
  8. Filter – Turn on or off a filter
  9. Screenshot – Take a screenshot of the current preview
  10. Transition – Switch transition and set duration

If you want to see how exactly to use these new Stream Deck actions, I just released a new video covering all 10.

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Better Ad Splits, Discovery Update, Charity Mode

Twitch has been busy testing a whole bunch of new features designed to increase streamer income and improve discoverability.

The main highlights include a move to a revenue share model for ads, a new browsing layout designed to help with discoverability, and a leaked charity integration which will make raising money through streams far simpler.

I sat down with Ben on our weekly podcast to discuss all the upcoming changes, check out the video version here, or the podcast audio below.

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Ibai Sets New Twitch Viewership Record

Spanish streamer Ibai shattered the all-time concurrent viewership record with his boxing and entertainment event, La Velada del Año II.

With a staggering 3.3 million concurrent viewers, Ibai broke the previous record (set by fellow Spanish streamer, TheGrefg) by 900,000 viewers.

Twitch also broke their platform record during the event with reportedly 6.7 million active users on the website concurrently.

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