2024 Creator’s Guide to Streaming Success

January 3, 2024

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In this issue: As we enter a new year, it's time to redefine your streaming strategy and level up your content. This edition shares vital tips to help you stand out in the world of live-streaming.

Level Up Your Live Streaming: The 2024 Creator’s Guide

Level Up Your Live Streaming The 2024 Creators Guide
Level Up Your Live Streaming: The 2024 Creator’s Guide

1. Smart Platform Selection

Selecting the right platform is more important than ever. Understand your audience’s habits to pinpoint where to establish your presence. Younger viewers might flock to TikTok, while a more mature crowd could be more prevalent on Facebook.

It’s essential to have a mix of at least one live platform (like Twitch, YouTube, or Kick) and one discoverable video platform (such as YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook). Discoverable platforms have proven excellent at promoting engaging content from even the smallest accounts. My main focus platforms for 2024 are YouTube, this email newsletter, and Twitter.

2. Stream with a Strategy

The fastest-growing creators don’t just stream; they put on a show. Plan your sessions to entertain and retain viewers, ensuring each stream is an event. Consider how each live session can serve a dual purpose, like Ludwig does, by providing engaging live content and material that can be edited down for platforms like YouTube. Avoid hitting “Start Streaming” without a clear idea of the content you’ll produce.

Ludwig YouTube Channel
Ludwig’s Dual Purpose Streams

3. Authentic Engagement

Forge a deeper connection with your audience by incorporating “Just Chatting” segments and showcasing your authentic self. Share your stories, opinions, and experiences to create a personal bond with viewers.

Consistency in your content theme is key, as is responding to comments and engaging with your community. This year, I’m also focusing on infusing my content with more personal insights, as you might have noticed in the last few newsletters.

4. Quality Over Gear

Engaging storytelling and audience connection are much more important than the latest tech. Focus on developing skills like video editing and storytelling, and use the technology you already have to its fullest potential.

I’ve created several guides to help you improve your production, such as getting better mic quality using free filters in OBS.

Advanced Mic Settings in OBS Studio
Perfect Stream Audio with OBS

5. Create Captivating Series

Creating a series is a powerful way to keep viewers returning for more. A consistent theme with fresh twists in each episode can work wonders for audience retention. It’s about building a narrative or challenge that viewers want to follow.

I saw a great example of this with streamer Sp4zie, who added an engaging random wheel spin to his Teamfight Tactics gameplay, creating a hit series.

6. Embrace the Journey

Strive for incremental improvement with each piece of content you create. Focus on making each stream, video, or post better than the last. Consistent effort and gradual refinement can lead to significant growth over time.

Every creator has early work that makes them cringe—it’s a natural part of the growth process. Draw inspiration from other creators, analyze what works, and stay adaptable to new trends and audience preferences. Trust me, even looking back at my early YouTube content (7 years ago!), you’ll see how far I’ve come.

Gaming Careers First Video
My Terrible First YouTube Video (7 years ago!)

Conclusion: Crafting Your Success Story

As you navigate the dynamic world of content creation, remember that your journey is unique. Stay adaptable and authentic, and always be learning. I’m excited to announce my return to creating videos on the Gaming Careers YouTube channel to help guide you through your creator journey. Here’s to a year of growth, innovation, and success in your live-streaming endeavors!

Stay creative, keep streaming, and let’s make 2024 a year to remember!

🔥 Pete’s Content Corner

Delve into my weekly selection of content creation highlights—handpicked videos, podcasts, and tweets that promise to captivate, educate, and entertain.

  1. Book – I’ve been binging Ali Abdaal’s new book, Feel Good Productivity. It’s a refreshing take on the importance of enjoyment in being productive, offering a different perspective on hustle culture. I highly recommend it if you’re seeking a fresh outlook on productivity. I met Ali at an event where I spoke in early 2020, and we’ve stayed in touch since. Following his journey and the years of dedication to his first book has been incredibly inspiring.
  2. Video – Matt D’Avella recently released a video discussing his decision to return to being a solo YouTuber after previously having a team. It’s raw, honest, and incredibly personable. The video provides an intriguing watch with valuable lessons about happiness, stress, and the pitfalls of growing just for the sake of growth.
  3. Tweet – YouTube expert Paddy Galloway shared a thread on his advice for those looking to grow in 2024. His insights are applicable to YouTube and can be adapted for any platform you’re creating content on in 2024.



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