7 FREE Tools For YouTube Creators

June 13, 2022

Welcome to Stream Report, a newsletter from Gaming Careers covering important news and updates in streaming and content creation.

In this issue: We will cover my favorite free YouTube tools, YouTube's new gifted membership feature, and a review of Elgato's new external capture card designed for the latest generation consoles.

My Favorite Free YouTube Tools

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My Favorite Free YouTube Tools

Last week I released a new video covering 7 free tools that I use daily as a full-time YouTuber.

These tools help me to script, film, edit, publish, and promote my videos on YouTube. I think many creators could benefit from using them too!

  1. Pixlr – Automatically remove the background from your photos and leave you with just the subject.
  2. Canva – A graphic design tool that you can use to create thumbnails, logos, end cards, social media posts, really anything you want.
  3. Thumbsup – Allows you to test various titles and thumbnails to see exactly how they will be shown in various different places on YouTube.
  4. DaVinci Resolve – The best free video editing software. Gives you all of the editing, colour grading, visual effects and exporting options you’d expect from a modern editor, but all for free.
  5. Photopea – A browser based image editor that basically replicates 80-90% of photoshops capabilities, but for free, and in your browser.
  6. Pexels – A huge library of free stock footage for use in your videos.
  7. Notion – The workspace that I use to manage everything Gaming Careers. Kanban boards, to-do lists, databases, all completely customizable to how you want to work.

If you want to see how I’m using these tools personally (plus 3 bonus tools), check out my latest video.

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YouTube Announces Gifted Subs

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YouTube Announces Gifted Subs

YouTube has begun rolling out gifted memberships to select channels, a feature that many streamers have been asking for.

Gifted subs on Twitch represent a large percentage of streamers’ income, so it’s great to see the feature finally make its way over to YouTube.

There are currently a few caveats to the feature though, which I discussed on a dedicated episode of The Gaming Careers Podcast.

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The Capture Card For NEXT GEN Consoles?

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The Capture Card For NEXT GEN Consoles?

Elgato has announced a new external capture card, specifically designed for the latest generation consoles, called the HD60 X.

I got to put it to the test in a recent video and was impressed with all the improvements made over previous USB capture cards. In particular, the support for higher resolutions and higher refresh-rate passthrough with VRR worked flawlessly.

At $200 though, it’s certainly at the premium end of the capture card market and I did find a few features missing like support for Multi-App and G-SYNC displays.

You can check out my full review here.

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