Get Paid to Stream? Unpacking Kick’s Creator Incentive Program

September 20, 2023

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In this issue: We delve into Kick's newly unveiled requirements for its Creator Incentive Program, explore Discord's exciting new tools for content creators, and highlight the future of sports streaming with YouTube's NFL package.

Kick Unveils Requirements for Hourly Wage Program

Kick Unveils Requirements for Hourly Wage Program
Kick Unveils Requirements for Hourly Wage Program

Kick has just released the requirements for its Creator Incentive Program, which was initially announced in August. This program offers a unique compensation model that includes an hourly wage for streamers, a stark contrast to other platforms like Twitch’s Partner Program.

The newly announced requirements for the Kick Creator Incentive Program are as follows:

  • A 30-day average concurrent viewership (CCV) of 126.
  • An average of 239 subscriptions per month (gifted or direct).
  • 337 unique chatters per month.
  • 89 stream hours per month.

These requirements are subject to change as the program develops. Kick plans to incorporate these metrics into the Creator Dashboard, allowing creators to independently manage their rates and monitor their performance.

The program, which was first unveiled in August, aims to provide financial independence to streamers. The compensation model is based on the number of hours streamed, Kick’s advertising CPMs, average viewers, viewer engagement, and demographics. The platform retains only 5% of subscription revenue, and creators keep 100% of their tips, making it an attractive option for many streamers.

The program has been met with mixed reactions, with some questioning whether the high requirements are a sign that Kick is already moving away from being an option for smaller creators.

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Discord Unveils Exciting New Tools for Creators

Discord Unveils Exciting New Tools for Creators
Discord Unveils Exciting New Tools for Creators

Discord, the popular communication platform for creators, has recently unveiled a series of exciting new features that are set to significantly enhance user experience and provide more opportunities for content creators.

Topping the list of these new features is the introduction of Server Products, currently in beta testing. This enables users to sell digital products as one-time purchases within their Server Shop.

The supported file types include .png, .mov, .pdf, .jpeg, and .gif, with a maximum of 10 files per product and a total size limit of 500MB. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for creators to sell digital content such as ebooks, guides, digital art, and more, all within the Discord platform.

In addition to Server Products, Discord is also rolling out Premium Roles. These special roles come with unique permissions that can be sold to provide exclusive access to a channel or other Discord perks without requiring a monthly subscription. Server Products and Premium Roles could potentially be game-changers for creators, offering an alternative to other selling platforms like Patreon or Gumroad.

Discord is also launching Activity Alerts and Security Actions, aimed at maintaining security within servers.

  • Activity Alerts warn users of any unusual or high activity within their server, appearing as a banner at the top of the Discord screen or as a push notification if the user is offline.
  • Security Actions can be used to pause invites and direct messages between non-friends within the server in case of an incident.

These new features underline Discord’s commitment to enhancing user experience, providing more customization options, and offering innovative ways for users to monetize their content.

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The Future of Sports Streaming – Collaborating with Creators

The Future of Sports Streaming Collaborating with Creators
The Future of Sports Streaming – Collaborating with Creators

YouTube’s NFL Sunday Ticket package has already surpassed last year’s subscriber count from DirecTV. This success can be attributed to the NFL’s strategic collaboration with top YouTube creators.

The first week of the NFL Creator of the Week series featured YouTube creator Casey Neistat, with Nate Wyatt taking the spotlight in the second week. This innovative series invites a content creator to film behind-the-scenes content at games, providing viewers with a unique perspective of the NFL experience.

YouTube’s NFL package offers more than just game streaming. It provides a range of interactive features, including live chats, polls, and real-time highlight reels. A standout feature is the multi-view option that allows viewers to watch multiple games simultaneously, enhancing the overall football-watching experience.

In addition to game day content, creators are given exclusive access to games, stadiums, and footage throughout the week. This initiative provides creators with opportunities to share unique aspects of the football experience that viewers wouldn’t normally see on TV, contributing to a richer and more engaging content landscape.

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