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February 3, 2022

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In this issue: We'll be covering three new audio products from BEACN, Ryan Wyatt's departure from YouTube, and the release of the GoXLR Mic, a new dynamic XLR microphone from the makers of the popular GoXLR.

3 New Audio Products From BEACN

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3 New Audio Products from BEACN

On Monday, 3 audio products were released by a new brand, BEACN.

BEACN is a new brand that’s building audio products specifically for creators and it’s mostly made up of old TC-Helicon employees who made the incredibly popular GoXLR. They’ve since left TC-Helicon to start BEACN.

The 3 products they launched are:

  1. BEACN Mic – a USB-C Broadcast Dynamic Mic with an onboard DSP allowing for EQ, compression, an expander, and even real-time noise suppression to happen directly on the microphone itself.
  2. BEACN Mix – aims to be the simplest solution to controlling the volume of any audio on your PC.
  3. BEACN Mix Create – builds on top of the Mix by adding features specifically for content creators who need more advanced audio control like submixes, knob paging, and audio routing.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with all 3 products and put out a video review where I talk about what they can do, the software that you use to control them, and of course my likes and dislikes.

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Fwiz Leaves YouTube

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Fwiz Leaves YouTube

Ryan Wyatt aka Fwiz is leaving YouTube. He was responsible for growing live-streaming on the platform to what it is today.

He also helped sign some major streamers on exclusive contracts such as LudwigTimTheTatman, and Valkyrae.

I’m hoping his replacement has the same desire to improve the platform, and openness to share the feature roadmap with us all. Time will tell…

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GoXLR Made A Microphone

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GoXLR Made A Microphone

The company behind the extremely popular GoXLR has released an XLR microphone with some interesting features.

It’s rather boringly been named GoXLR Mic. Priced at $150, it’s a dynamic microphone featuring an all-metal body, multi-adjustable mount, included pop filter, and swappable colored accent rings.

In my review video, I compare it to some similarly priced dynamic XLR microphones like the RØDE PodMic and Shure MV7X, to see if the GoXLR Mic at $149 is worth considering for your setup.

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