Twitch Raids Get a Major Upgrade

February 21, 2024

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In this issue: We examine Twitch's latest enhancements to the Raid feature, designed to foster stronger community connections and unpack YouTube's newest updates aimed at streamers and viewers, including simplified mobile uploads and innovative monetization options.

Twitch Enhances Raid Functionality

Twitch Enhances Raid Functionality
Twitch Enhances Raid Functionality

Twitch is currently deploying a new update focused on refining the Raid feature, a tool popular among streamers for promoting community engagement and interaction. The update is set to make the process of finding and connecting with new communities more intuitive and efficient.

What’s New?

  • Raid Quick-Action Button: Streamers will now see suggestions for potential Raid targets directly within the Raid interface, making it easier to find compatible channels to support.
  • Filtering Options: When choosing who to Raid, streamers can filter based on:
    • Viewer Count
    • Uptime
    • Category
    • Previous Raid interactions

These new filters are designed to help streamers make more informed decisions about who they choose to support and collaborate with.

The Basics of Twitch Raids

Twitch Raids enable creators to send their viewers to another live channel, fostering community growth and creator support. This feature isn’t exclusive; it’s available to all streamers, regardless of their status on the platform.

To initiate a Raid, streamers can use the /raid command followed by the channel name in chat or select the Raid Channel quick action on their dashboard. The latest update promises to tailor this selection process to each streamer’s preferences and past Raid habits.

Rollout and Impact

This update is being introduced to a group of streamers for initial feedback and will likely alter the way creators engage with and support one another on Twitch. As the feature evolves, it’s anticipated to offer a more streamlined and strategic approach to hosting Raids.

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YouTube’s Latest Updates For Creators

YouTubes Latest Updates For Creators
YouTube’s Latest Updates For Creators

YouTube has rolled out new features to improve the experience for creators and viewers. Let’s dive into what’s new:

  • YouTube Studio: Creators can now upload videos or shorts directly from their phone’s gallery using the YouTube Studio app. Additionally, monetization preferences can be adjusted on the fly, right within the app itself.
  • Posts Only Feed: YouTube users on Android and iOS now have access to a ‘posts only’ feed, streamlining the process of engaging with community posts from their favorite channels.
  • Affiliate Product Tagging in Live Streams: Creators can now tag products from participating merchants in live streams, enhancing the live shopping experience for viewers.
  • Gift Channel Memberships: Creators can gift channel memberships to viewers. Eligible creators receive 10 free monthly memberships to share during live streams and premieres.
  • RSS Feed Upload: Podcasters can submit their RSS feeds in YouTube Studio, automating the creation of static image videos for new podcast episodes.
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🔥 Pete’s Content Corner

Delve into my weekly selection of content creation highlights—handpicked videos, podcasts, and tweets that promise to captivate, educate, and entertain.

  1. Streams – This week, the livestreaming community was treated to two exceptional events: The Streamer Awards 2024, hosted by QTCinderella, and The ESLAND Awards, hosted by TheGrefg. Both ceremonies showcased the crème de la crème of English and Spanish streamers across a spectrum of categories. Notably, the events were simultaneously broadcast on Twitch and YouTube, with Twitch attracting the lion’s share of viewers.
  2. Tweet Lester Chen, known for his role as the former Global Head of Gaming Creators at YouTube, took to Twitter with a comprehensive 24-minute video discussing YouTube’s vision for 2024. Chen’s insights offer a peek into the strategic direction YouTube might take in the creator space, a must-watch for industry watchers and content creators alike.
  3. Post – An ex-Twitch senior software engineer opened up about their departure from Twitch after seven years. The post offers a rare glimpse into the personal side of working at a major streaming company and contemplations on Twitch’s trajectory.



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