Twitch Unveils New Updates and Holiday Promotions

November 22, 2023

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In this issue: We explore Twitch's latest updates and features, share the best place for streamers to find Black Friday deals, and delve into YouTube's new approach to AI and its implications for content creators.

New Twitch Updates and Holiday Promos Unveiled

New Twitch Updates and Holiday Promos Unveiled
New Twitch Updates and Holiday Promos Unveiled

Twitch has recently announced a series of updates and special offers. Let’s take a closer look at these changes and what they mean for streamers and viewers.

Twitch Stories Receives an Upgrade

Just a month after introducing the Stories feature, Twitch is already planning to roll out some enhancements. These include the addition of mentions, which will provide users with enhanced interaction capabilities. Twitch also plans to offer insights into reactions, aiming to make the experience more engaging.

Integration of video and comments into Stories is also on the cards, which could allow for richer content creation and interaction. Furthermore, Twitch is set to introduce Clip and Image editing functionalities, giving users more ways to personalize their Stories.

Cheers Feature to be Enhanced

Twitch has revealed plans to enhance the Cheers feature. With the recent removal of Hype Chat, the platform is set to introduce an option to pin Cheers. This new feature is expected to be available on all Partner and Affiliate channels by the end of the upcoming week. Twitch has also hinted at further investments in Cheering and Bits.

End-of-Year Bonus Round Announced

In the spirit of the holiday season, Twitch has scheduled an End-of-Year Bonus Round, set to run from December 13th to January 2nd. Promotions during this period will include:

  • A 25% discount on recurring sub discounts across all channels.
  • New looks and emotes for the Hype Train, are accessible across all channels.
  • The introduction of the Bits Bonus, where cheers of over 300 Bits will receive at least 10% more Bits.
  • A 25% discount on single-month gifting from December 27th to January 2nd.

More Animated Emotes and Alerts

Twitch is planning to double the number of Tier 1 animated emote slots available to Affiliates and Partners. Partners will also receive additional animated emote slots for Tier 2 and Tier 3 subs.

In a related development, Twitch’s Alerts feature will soon support animated emotes in alert messages. To facilitate this, streamers using Alerts will gain access to bonus animated emote slots. Twitch’s Alerts will also integrate with third-party tools like Streamlabs, Throne, Crowd Control, and StreamElements.

Clip Editor to Receive Enhancements

Twitch’s Clip Editor is set to receive an upgrade, with edited portrait Clips soon eligible to appear in the mobile Discovery Feed. Twitch is also working on new editing features, such as the ability to trim Clips and adjust aspect ratios.

The platform is also planning to streamline the Clip creation workflow, enabling users to create, edit, feature, and share Clips in a more seamless process.

Mobile Discovery Feed to be Enhanced

Twitch has been working on improving the Mobile Discovery Feed to help users discover content from streamers they’re interested in. They’ve experimented with the mobile Browse tab, introducing separate feeds for live streams and clips. Recently, Twitch added thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons in the Clips feed to gather feedback and enhance content recommendations.

These enhancements are part of Twitch’s ongoing efforts to improve user experience and make it easier for viewers to discover and enjoy content tailored to their preferences.

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Black Friday: The Best Deals for Streamers

Black Friday The Best Deals for Streamers 2
Black Friday: The Best Deals for Streamers

Black Friday is almost upon us, and it’s the perfect time to upgrade your streaming setup. Many brands heavily discount their products during this time, making it the best weekend to invest in that gear you’ve been eyeing. At Gaming Careers, we’ve done the hard work for you and curated a list of the best Black Friday deals for streamers.

Our dedicated Black Friday page already features over 50 deals on Microphones, Webcams, Capture Cards, Stream Decks, Overlays, Software, and much more. Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or just starting, you’ll find something to enhance your production quality.

Since new deals tend to pop up through the weekend, we’ll regularly update our page with fresh bargains as they’re announced. Keep checking back to ensure you don’t miss out on newly released deals. We will also be sending out a special edition newsletter this Friday, highlighting the best deals we’ve discovered.

We’ve also opened a channel in the Gaming Careers Discord server for users to report new deals. If you spot a great deal, share it with the community, and we’ll quickly add it to our page.

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YouTube’s Approach to AI Advancement

YouTubes Approach to AI Advancement
YouTube’s Approach to AI Advancement

YouTube has announced significant artificial intelligence (AI) updates, with a focus on transparency and fostering creativity.

AI Integration & Viewer Awareness: New Disclosure Guidelines

In a recent blog post, YouTube executives detailed the platform’s approach to integrating AI. They recognized the creative potential of AI while emphasizing the importance of addressing its risks. A key aspect of these guidelines is the mandatory disclosure of AI usage in content.

Creators are now required to disclose if their content is AI-generated, human-made, or a blend of both, particularly for sensitive topics like public health or politics. Non-compliance with these disclosure requirements could lead to penalties, including content removal or suspension from the YouTube Partner Program.

This policy aims to enhance transparency for viewers, helping them distinguish between different types of content. New labels on the video description and player will indicate if the content is synthetic or altered.

New AI Features for Music Creation: Dream Track and Music AI Tools

YouTube is testing generative AI features such as Dream Track and Music AI Tools. Dream Track allows users to create 30-second music tracks using text prompts or by humming melodies. The feature integrates the styles of several artists, and its output can be used with YouTube’s Shorts service, offering new opportunities for content creators.

Meanwhile, Music AI Tools proposes a novel approach to music creation, transforming hums into saxophone solos or beatboxing into drum loops. YouTube plans to make these tools available for testing in its Music AI incubator later in the year.

Rights of Creators and Influencers: Control Over Digital Likeness

In response to the increasing prevalence of deepfakes and AI-generated voice clones, YouTube plans to allow creators to request the takedown of videos that misuse their visual likeness or voice without permission. The platform will assess these requests based on various factors, including whether the content is satirical or of public interest.

Future-Proofing AI Tools: Safety and Authenticity

YouTube is adopting a cautious approach to AI tool development, building safeguards against inappropriate content creation. The platform is preparing for potential misuse of these tools and is committed to maintaining a safe and authentic space for creators, viewers, and artists.

While YouTube acknowledges the challenge of balancing AI’s benefits with its potential harms, these guidelines represent a significant step in its efforts to adapt to an AI-driven future. The platform aims to empower both creators and viewers in this new era, ensuring a safe and authentic content experience.

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