Why Your Twitch Stream SUCKS (and how to FIX it)

September 7, 2022

Welcome to Stream Report, a newsletter from Gaming Careers covering important news and updates in streaming and content creation.

In this issue: We discuss some tips to improve your Twitch streams, covering everything from technical issues to the tools and settings that can enhance your content. We also discuss Twitch's recent update that now allows partners to stream to other platforms, along with some upcoming features that will soon be available on the Twitch app.

Tips To IMPROVE Your Streams on Twitch

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Tips To IMPROVE Your Streams on Twitch

This week I released a new video that I think every live streamer should watch.

In 2022, there is no excuse for bad-looking streams or technical issues on Twitch anymore. In this video, I go through the most common issues people have streaming and the tools + settings that you should be using to fix them.

Even if you’ve never had issues, this video shares some tools that are incredibly useful for streamers using OBS or Twitch to stream.

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Twitch Allows Partners To Stream Elsewhere

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Twitch Allows Partners To Stream Elsewhere

Twitch is now allowing Partners to stream to other platforms, with some caveats.

Partners can now stream to YouTube and Facebook as long as they aren’t simultaneously streaming the same content to Twitch.

Partners can also simultaneously stream to Twitch alongside what they’re describing as “Mobile services”, Instagram Live, and TikTok.

Their reasoning for not allowing simultaneous streaming to Twitch and YouTube/Facebook together is that it would “lead to a sub-optimal experience for your community”.

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Updates Coming Soon To Twitch App

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Updates Coming Soon To Twitch App

Some interesting updates have been announced that are soon coming to the Twitch app:

  1. Improved flow for IRL streaming directly from your phone
  2. Manage your stream from your phone with Creator Mode
  3. Download your clips directly to your phone
  4. Stream summary reports
  5. Raids from mobile

Some of these updates are already being pushed live, while others will be launching towards the end of the year.

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