Episode Description

YouTube have hit an enormous milestone of over 100 BILLION hours watched in 2020. Join Pete and Ben as they also discuss DMCA strikes possibly becoming felonies, multiple updates to the Twitch platform, Nintendo shutting down soundtracks, fighting game documentaries and more.

EP12 - The Gaming Careers Podcast 1x1

Topics Covered

  • DMCA strikes could become felonies
  • Boost This Streamer
  • Starting Soon schedule & Reminders
  • Hype Trains coming to mobile
  • Historical chat messages now viewable
  • YouTube sponsors OBS
  • 100 billion hours watched on YouTube
  • Nintendo shuts down soundtracks
  • Metagame
  • Facebook's Black Gaming Creator Program
  • Next Gen Consoles
  • Cyberpunk Streamer Mode misses tracks

Video Podcast

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