Todays Guest

We talk to Hugh “Jim” Bailey, the guy who created Open Broadcaster Software, more commonly known as OBS. We discuss how OBS grew from a solo side-project to the world’s most popular streaming software, why Twitch is still the best platform for viewers, and what it’s like to turn down a 7-figure offer.

Topics Covered

  • Jim's decision to build streaming software
  • How OBS began, and the story behind the name
  • How OBS became so popular
  • OBS Classic vs OBS Studio
  • OBS's best and worst features
  • Major releases, bug fixes and frustrations
  • Turning down 7-figures to protect your users
  • Dealing with competition from Streamlabs OBS
  • The scope of OBS and it's many use-cases
  • How many people work on OBS Studio
  • Dealing with pressure to perform whilst streaming
  • Jim's favorite streamers to watch
  • The platform wars between Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook