Todays Guest

We talk to Valkia, a full-time Twitch Streamer who grew to popularity by combining his love for marketing with FPS games. In this episode we discuss what it takes to grow your stream from hobby to full-time career, how you can best utilise YouTube to funnel viewers to Twitch and what it’s like trying to branch out from the game that made you famous.

Topics Covered

  • Who is Valkia?
  • Growing on Twitch playing a new game
  • Going full-time on Twitch
  • Using YouTube to grow your Twitch stream
  • Streaming vs content creation
  • The two types of stream viewers
  • Why viewer count doesn't matter
  • Reaching out and working with sponsors
  • Getting featured on Twitch front-page
  • Making the most of a new game launch
  • Branding your stream and keeping it unique
  • Day in the life as a full-time streamer
  • Struggles of being full-time
  • Seizing the opportunity