Todays Guest

This week we talk with Streamlabs founder and CEO, Ali Moiz, about his story of building Streamlabs from the ground up to be one of the major players in streaming software, his thoughts on the platform wars going on between Twitch, YouTube and Mixer and what he thinks creators like you can look forward to in the next few years in streaming.

Topics Covered

  • Ali's esports ventures before Streamlabs
  • How Twitch Alerts became Streamlabs
  • Growing Streamlabs to 80+ employees
  • Building a business in an unproven industry
  • Mixer acquiring Ninja and Shroud
  • Offering a premium product in streaming, Streamlabs Prime
  • What's changed at Streamlabs since the Logitech acquisition
  • Twitch building it's own streaming software
  • What the streaming industry will look like in 2-5 years
  • Innovative content on Twitch