Todays Guest

We talk to Bandrew Scott, of Podcastage, an audio expert who’s built a whole YouTube channel reviewing microphones and audio interfaces for podcasters and streamers. We’re diving deep into the data I gathered for last week’s YouTube video where I researched the most common microphones used by the top 250 streamers on Twitch.

Topics Covered

  • Introducing Bandrew
  • Why is the Shure SM7B so popular in podcasting and streaming?
  • Are streamers just following microphone trends?
  • Why is the Blue Yeti still so popular?
  • The best $100 microphones to get
  • USB vs XLR microphones
  • Dynamic vs Condenser microphones
  • Lady Gaga's failed $20,000 microphone livestream
  • How to choose your next microphone
  • How much difference do interfaces make?
  • Thoughts on the TC-Helicon GoXLR
  • Will microphone brands ever make a "streamer" mic?
  • The best microphones nobody is buying
  • Do streamers care too much about how a microphone looks?
  • Tips for streamers looking to improve their audio?