Episode Description

Twitch are making some major changes to emotes, with animation options, special follower emotes, and even an emote library! Join Pete and Ben in this weeks livestream as they also discuss updates to OBS Studio, Twitch’s activity feed, and much more!

Twitch Adds Animated Emotes, Activity Feed Upgrades, and Polls/Predictions API

Topics Covered

  • Twitch's 350+ New Tags
  • Ibai Reaches 1 Million CCV
  • Twitch Site Wide DMCA Warning
  • Twitch Soundtrack Setup Confusion
  • YouTube Paid $4bn to Music Industry
  • Twitch's Biggest Emote Update
  • Twitch Activity Feed Update
  • Polls, Predictions & Channel Points API
  • OBS Studio v27 Update

Video Podcast

We also have a YouTube channel where we upload the video versions of all of our podcasts.