Episode Description

Twitch are under pressure after Facebook have announced that creators will be keeping 100% of revenue from subscriptions and badges and Twitter have announced they will only be taking a 3% cut on Super Follows. Join Pete and Ben in this weeks livestream as they also discuss updates to Spotify’s Greenroom, YouTube analytics, and much more!

Twitch Can't Keep Taking 50% of Earnings... Gaming Careers Podcast EP36

Topics Covered

  • Facebook Waves Revenue Split
  • Twitter Monetization Options
  • Twitch Emote Updates
  • NMPA Files Numerous DMCAs
  • Spotify Launches Greenroom
  • From Hot Tubs to ASMR
  • Better Incentives for Twitch Cheers
  • Instagram Adds Affiliate Tools
  • Make Your Microphone Sound PRO in 5 EASY Steps!

Video Podcast

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