Todays Guest

We talk to Boom Kitty, aka Eric, a YouTube streamer who produces electronic music full-time that’s been featured in games like Beat Saber and Geometry Dash. In this episode, we cover what makes a stream watchable, which streaming platforms pay the most and how one 5-minute email can change your life.

Topics Covered

  • Who is Boom Kitty?
  • What viewers see on stream
  • Benefits of live streaming a creative process
  • What it's like streaming in a niche category
  • Balancing viewer count and art
  • Platforms: YouTube vs Twitch
  • The mindset of viewers on Twitch and YouTube
  • Impact of being featured on Beat Saber
  • The process of learning to stream
  • Staying relevant
  • Converting listeners to viewers
  • Advice for streamers to grow
  • Streaming: Creative vs Gaming