Episode Description

We’re back! In this episode, we discuss all the latest creator platform updates from the likes of Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and even Tumblr (yes, they’re launching livestreaming in 2023!). Join Pete and Ben for the Gaming Careers Podcast live!

EP64 - The Gaming Careers Podcast

Topics Covered

  • Where will you be streaming in 2023?
  • Twitter platform updates (unused handles, views, profile pictures, Twitter Blue)
  • YouTube platform updates (audio tracks, processing)
  • Twitch platform updates (follower emotes, recap, raid highlights, display ads, guest star)
  • Discord platform updates (creators, drops)
  • Tumblr launches livestreaming
  • Predictions for 2023 livestreaming

Video Podcast

We also have a YouTube playlist where we keep the VODs from previous podcast livestreams.