Episode Description

YouTube are adding FOUR much needed features to their live platform hoping to entice more streamers over from Twitch. We’ll also be discussing Streamlabs’ 2 new tools, TikTok breaking records and why MrBeast has launched a Spanish channel…

YouTube Adding 4 NEW Features For Streamers

Topics Covered

  • Twitch Local Sub Pricing Update
  • Growth Tools in Streamlabs OBS
  • Streamlabs Crossclip
  • TikTok Livestream View Record
  • Shoutouts on TikTok
  • Pete's First YouTube Short
  • YouTube Clips
  • Sub Only Chat
  • YouTube Polls
  • Super Thanks
  • YouTube Achievements
  • Twitter Shutting Down Fleets
  • Dislike Twitter
  • Instagram Adds Links to Stories
  • MrBeast in Español

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