Big Changes Ahead for Twitch Subs

February 28, 2024

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In this issue: Twitch is increasing subscription prices for the first time since its inception. Starting March 28, viewers in Australia, Canada, the UK, or Turkey will have increased prices.

Twitch Updates Subscription Pricing

Twitch Updates Subscription Pricing
Twitch Updates Subscription Pricing

Starting March 28, Twitch will shake up its subscription pricing model. If you’re a streamer or viewer in Australia, Canada, the UK, or Turkey, get ready for some adjustments. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Australia: Tier 1 subs will go from A$7.99 to A$8.99.
  • Canada: Tier 1 subs will go from C$6.99 to C$7.99.
  • UK: Tier 1 subs will go from £3.99 to £4.99.
  • Turkey: A substantial hike across all tiers, with Tier 1 leaping from TRY9.90 to TRY43.90.

Eyeing the U.S. Market

During a recent broadcast, Twitch’s Mike Minton hinted at U.S. price increases, saying, “Let me say it this way: probably yes.”

This could be a test to see how the audience reacts—will subscription numbers fall, or will the impact be minimal?

Why Now?

Twitch is adjusting prices for the first time since its inception, despite reducing them in many markets in 2021. The platform cites the need to balance streamer income with escalating costs and currency changes.

What Does This Mean for You?

  • Streamers: Your cut percentage stays the same, but each sub will contribute more to your earnings.
  • Viewers: With the new pricing, backing your preferred streamers will cost slightly more. This adjustment means both Twitch and the streamer will benefit from increased earnings.

Impact on Current Subs

Subscriptions will automatically transition to the new pricing, ensuring a seamless experience for your audience. They’ll receive an email notification one month in advance, giving them ample time to adjust before the change takes effect.

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Twitch & Kick Face Bans in Turkey

Twitch Kick Face Bans in Turkey
Twitch & Kick Face Bans in Turkey

Turkey’s National Lottery Association has announced a ban on Twitch and Kick. The reason? A firm stance against unauthorized gambling activities on these popular streaming platforms.

Twitch’s Policy Revision

It’s worth noting that Twitch overhauled its gambling policies in 2022, a nod to the platform’s ongoing battle with gambling content. Despite this, the Turkish authorities have decided to take action.

Understanding the Ban

In Turkey, gambling is tightly regulated. Only the state-authorized National Lottery can legally offer gambling services. Any form of gambling, playing, or advertising on other platforms is strictly prohibited. Twitch and Kick have come under fire for broadcasts that feature gambling, prompting the Turkish government to block access to these platforms to uphold the law.

The Timeline of Events

  • Kick: Access was first denied on February 21st, triggered by concerns over gambling content.
  • Twitch: On February 23rd, Twitch also found itself on the list of banned platforms.

Restrictions Lifted

In an encouraging update, Kick’s ban has been rescinded following the platform’s introduction of measures that restrict the display of gambling content to viewers in Turkey. These new controls align with Turkey’s stringent regulations on gambling broadcasts.

As for Twitch, the platform remains inaccessible in Turkey. It’s anticipated that Twitch will need to put similar restrictions in place to prevent gambling content from reaching Turkish viewers before the ban can be reconsidered.

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🔥 Pete’s Content Corner

Delve into my weekly selection of content creation highlights—handpicked videos, podcasts, and tweets that promise to captivate, educate, and entertain.

  1. Ludwig had a lengthy chat with YouTube’s Neal Mohan. They delved into the platform’s roadmap, and at 50 minutes, it’s a deep dive full of nuggets for anyone curious about where YouTube is heading. Definitely worth the watch for the insights alone.
  2. ESL/FACEIT Group has rolled out its new platform, FACEIT Watch, geared up for esports streaming. Launched on February 8th, it’s decked out with features like multi-angle views of players, a kill cam, and even a custom sound mixer. For those who love to dissect every play, this is a pretty cool development in the esports viewing space.
  3. TwitchCon Rotterdam tickets are now on sale. Dates are 29-30th June, and tickets are priced at €125 for two days or €75 for one day.



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