Did Twitch’s Subscription Glitch Cost You Money?

April 24, 2024

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In this issue: Exploring Twitch's recent subscription cancellation glitch, detailing the steps taken to resolve it and providing guidance for affected streamers and viewers.

Twitch’s Subscription Glitch: What You Need to Know

Twitchs Subscription Glitch What You Need to Know
Twitch’s Subscription Glitch: What You Need to Know

A recent technical issue at Twitch led to the unintended cancellation of some viewers’ subscriptions, affecting thousands across the platform. This glitch may have disrupted long-standing subscription streaks and could result in a temporary dip in earnings for streamers.

During a detailed discussion on Patch Notes, Twitch’s Chief Monetization Officer, Mike Minton, addressed the glitch and outlined the company’s steps to mitigate its impact.

Overview of the Issue

A glitch involving Twitch’s payment partners resulted in the unintended cancellation of a small percentage (0.2%) of subscriptions. This affected thousands of subscriptions across the platform, albeit a small fraction of the total subscriber base.

Impact on Streamers and Viewers

  • Streamers: To ensure that streamers are not financially impacted, Twitch will compensate for the lost subscription revenue for the affected month.
  • Viewers: For viewers whose subscriptions were inadvertently canceled, Twitch is taking steps to ensure that their subscription streaks are preserved, provided they renew their subscriptions by May 6.

Fixes and Notifications

“We’ve been working with our payment partner to ensure the error is fixed, and we do now believe it’s fixed. So that’s the good news.”

Mike Minton, Chief Monetization Officer

Twitch has already started notifying affected users. Beginning Monday, 22nd April, the platform sent emails and displayed on-site banners on the homepage and channel pages.

Twitch aims to have all affected subscription streaks corrected and streamer revenues adjusted by May 6 to ensure no financial impact.


  • Streamers: Make sure to bring up this subscription issue in your next livestream. Let your regulars know what’s up so they can quickly fix any accidental unsubs. This way, nobody loses those hard-earned streaks over a glitch!
  • Viewers: Check your emails to see if you were affected by this. Better yet, pop into the channels you love to ensure your subscriptions are running smoothly.
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