OBS Studio 30 Launched: A Look at What’s New

November 15, 2023

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In this issue: We delve into the exciting features and improvements introduced with OBS Studio 30, explore YouTube's experimentation with new AI features, and discuss Noice's recent $21 million funding for its innovative gaming and livestreaming platform.

OBS Studio 30: The Latest Features Unpacked

OBS Studio Update Version 30
OBS Studio 30: The Latest Features Unpacked

The latest version of OBS Studio, version 30, has been released, introducing exciting features and enhancements to the widely used free and open-source streaming application.

New features include:

  • Full-Height Docks: Now, any component in OBS – whether it’s your scene list, audio mixer, or even your Twitch or YouTube chat – can be anchored to either side at full height.
  • YouTube Live Control Room Panel: A new panel is added when streaming to YouTube, providing information like the stream title, stream stability, number of concurrent viewers, rate of chat messages, and number of overall views on your stream.
  • Redesigned Status Bar: A more organized status bar to make it easier to see important information about your stream/recording at a glance.
  • Application Audio Capture on macOS: Capture audio from specific applications on macOS and control them independently in the audio mixer.
  • Virtual Camera for macOS: The virtual camera on macOS has been reworked to work with all applications on macOS 13 and newer.
  • Intel Encoder Support for Linux: Users on Linux can now benefit from Intel QSV H264, HEVC, and AV1 support for improved encoding.

To manually update to OBS 30.0, launch OBS and navigate to the “Check Updates” option under the “Help” menu.

For a comprehensive list of changes, bug fixes, and additional information, refer to the Release Notes.

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YouTube Experiments with New AI Features

YouTube Experiments with New AI Features
YouTube Experiments with New AI Features

YouTube is currently in the process of testing two new AI features on its platform, aiming to improve user interaction and content discovery.

Firstly, YouTube is experimenting with a chatbot designed to provide supplementary information about the videos users are watching. This innovative AI tool is programmed to answer user queries, suggest related content, and even facilitate quizzes on educational video topics.

This development is part of Google’s wider initiative to incorporate AI across its services. Previous AI integrations on YouTube have included AI-generated backgrounds, dubbing for language translation, and AI-powered video and audio suggestions.

YouTube AI Feature 2
YouTube’s AI Chatbot

The second feature under testing involves using AI to organize video comments into specific topics. This tool is designed to categorize comments under relevant topics, enabling creators to swiftly engage in discussions or derive inspiration for new content based on audience discussions. Currently, the AI comment categorization feature is being trialed on a select number of English videos with extensive comment sections.

“Creators can use these comment summaries to more quickly jump into comment discussions on their videos, or to draw inspiration for new content based on what their audiences are discussing.”

YouTube Community Manager

The primary goal of both features is to enhance the experience for users consuming content on the platform. However, there are concerns among creators that the introduction of AI interaction could potentially lead to a negative experience or backlash towards the creators themselves. These concerns highlight the delicate balance between technological advancement and user experience in the evolving landscape of content creation.

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Noice Receives $21M Funding for Innovative Livestreaming Platform

Noice Receives 21M Funding for Innovative Livestreaming Platform
Noice Receives $21M Funding for Innovative Livestreaming Platform

Noice, a unique platform that merges livestreaming with multiplayer gaming, has recently secured a significant investment of $21 million. This funding, which includes contributions from renowned entrepreneurs linked with companies like Supercell and Wolt, empowers Noice to transform livestreaming into an interactive experience, enabling viewers to actively engage in the gaming process.

Distinguishing itself as a dual-purpose platform for multiplayer gaming and livestreaming, Noice aims to dismantle the traditional barriers separating players and spectators. The closed beta, slated for later this month, will unveil the platform’s mechanics, promising an immersive and unique user experience.

Noice’s approach to livestreaming defies the traditional model of passive content consumption. Instead, the platform delves into the uncharted territory of transforming viewers into players, seeking to redefine the entire gaming experience.

However, the critical question remains: Does Noice possess the potential to rival platforms like Twitch, thereby transforming the way people interact with gaming content? With support from influential figures and a dynamic team, Noice is poised for growth. But considering the hurdles faced by well-funded ventures, Noice could struggle to gain traction and encounter setbacks in the coming years.

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