Streamlabs Launches New OBS Plugin

May 1, 2024

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In this issue: We explore the launch of Streamlabs' new OBS plugin, examine its features and integration, and discuss the historical controversies surrounding Streamlabs' business practices.

Streamlabs and OBS: A New Chapter Begins

Streamlabs and OBS A New Chapter Begins
Streamlabs and OBS: A New Chapter Begins

Streamlabs has launched an official plugin that integrates Streamlabs’ features into OBS Studio, offering streamers a unified experience with access to alerts, widgets, overlays, and more. This move is seen as a positive step, aligning with OBS’s community-driven ethos.

Key Features of the Streamlabs Plugin for OBS

  • Integration Made Simple: The plugin allows users to incorporate Streamlabs’ popular features like alerts, overlays, and widgets directly into OBS, eliminating the need for separate browser sources.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Users can access Streamlabs’ Cloudbot for chat moderation, engage with followers through real-time updates on subs and tips, and explore a vast library of overlays and widgets.
  • Stream Labels: Users no longer need separate software to display information like their latest followers or largest donations.
  • Monetization Options: The plugin includes tipping integration, with setup directly linking to a PayPal account.
  • Exclusive Premium Features: While the plugin is free, Streamlabs promotes its Ultra subscription, which unlocks features like multistreaming and premium themes.

Streamlabs’ Controversial History

In recent years, Streamlabs has faced significant backlash over its business practices. OBS, in particular, expressed frustration over Streamlabs using the “OBS” name in their software, leading to confusion about the relationship between the two entities.

The backlash from the community, including prominent figures like Pokimane and even Edward Snowden, prompted Streamlabs to drop “OBS” from their product name (now called Streamlabs Desktop) and revisit their strategies.

Performance and Preference

Historically, professional streamers have preferred OBS Studio for its performance and extensive customization options, supported by a robust community of plugin developers. Streamlabs’ new plugin approach allows users to enjoy the best of both worlds: Streamlabs’ user-friendly features and OBS’s high performance and flexibility.

The plugin is compatible with OBS Studio version 28.0.0 or later on Windows. Installation is straightforward, guiding users through logging in and setting up features step-by-step. Once installed, all configurations can be managed directly within the OBS interface.

Rebuilding Trust

Streamlabs’ move to develop a plugin for OBS could be seen as an attempt to rebuild trust within the streaming community by aligning more closely with OBS’s open-source ethos. Whether this will be enough to win back the favor of streamers remains to be seen.

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