Twitch Waves Goodbye to a Fan-Favorite

March 27, 2024

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In this issue: We delve into the surprising announcement of Twitch's Watch Party feature discontinuation and explore the implications for streamers and viewers alike.

The Final Curtain for Twitch Watch Parties

The Final Curtain for Twitch Watch Parties
The Final Curtain for Twitch Watch Parties

Twitch has revealed that they will be removing the Prime Video Watch Party feature on April 2, 2024. Introduced in 2020, this interactive tool allowed streamers to watch Prime Video content with their audience.

A Nod to the Pandemic-Era Tech

The Watch Party feature’s rise and fall mirror trends seen in other pandemic-era apps like Clubhouse and Peloton, which also saw a decline as in-person gatherings resumed.

Streamers Tribute

In an emotional tweet, Will Neff, a prominent streamer who frequently utilized Watch Party with his community, expressed his feelings:

The Prime Connection

The Watch Party function unified communities and acted as a catalyst for encouraging Twitch users to sign up for Amazon Prime. Amazon has consistently faced challenges in leveraging its ownership of Twitch to foster deeper integrations with its e-commerce platform.

Reaction Content and Fair Use Concerns

Broadcasters such as xQc have ignited discussions by streaming documentaries from YouTube creators, offering little commentary. This practice has prompted concerns regarding fair use and its effects on the original content creators.

In contrast, Watch Parties legitimized the trend of reaction content by guaranteeing that streamers and viewers held a valid subscription to Prime Video, ensuring that the content was consumed legally.

What’s Next for Twitch

As we say goodbye to Watch Parties, Twitch has committed to channeling its efforts into crafting new features that enrich the live streaming journey. It makes sense for Twitch to retire lesser-used features, particularly those that demand considerable time and resources to upkeep.

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🔥 Pete’s Content Corner

Delve into my weekly selection of content creation highlights—handpicked videos, podcasts, and tweets that promise to captivate, educate, and entertain.

  1. During my weekend run, I tuned into Jack Conte’s inspiring SXSW Keynote on the Future of Creativity. In this 45-minute talk, he passionately discusses the jeopardy that internet algorithms pose to the crucial bond between creators and their audience, reflecting on how YouTube’s subscribe button changed his life. For anyone looking for thought-provoking listening while commuting, hitting the gym, or running errands, this is a great watch/listen.
  2. YouTube reaffirms its commitment to the OBS Project, renewing its premier sponsorship with a generous donation to support the continued evolution of the beloved free and open-source streaming software, which has already yielded essential features for YouTube streamers like HEVC and AV1 encoding via e-RTMP.
  3. Heads up to Twitch viewers in the UK, Canada, and Australia: subscription prices will rise on Thursday, 28th March. To save money, consider locking in the current lower rates by subscribing to your favorite streamer for six months today.



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