Twitch Fights Back Against Drops Farming

January 24, 2024

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In this issue: We explore Twitch's crackdown on Drops Farming and its implications for streamers, and reveal the exciting dates and venues for TwitchCon 2024.

Twitch Targets Drops Farming

Twitch Targets Drops Farming
Twitch Targets Drops Farming

Twitch has initiated a crackdown on Drops Farming, taking a firm stance against practices that undermine the integrity of its Drops feature. Drops, which reward viewers with exclusive in-game items for watching streams, are meant to promote genuine interaction between streamers and their communities. However, some users have exploited the system, prompting Twitch to step in.

The misuse of Drops through streaming irrelevant content like VOD reruns or static images has not only skewed the viewer experience but also inflated viewership figures, unfairly elevating certain channels in the browse pages. This has hurt channels that provide authentic live content, as they struggle to compete against those manipulating the system.

Twitch’s Official Position on Drops Misuse

Twitch addressed the issue head-on in a tweet, setting the tone for the policy update:

The Policy Update Explained

Following the statement, Twitch has refined its spam and scams policy to clearly define prohibited Drops farming behaviors. The platform’s update is a proactive measure to prevent the misuse of Drops and ensure that viewership is earned, not artificially inflated.

The Impact on the Streaming Community

I see this as a positive change. A platform rife with VOD reruns just to game a drop system is not one that values content quality or creator effort. By banning these practices, Twitch is improving the content landscape for viewers and helping genuine streamers gain more visibility, rather than being buried under a heap of manipulated metrics.

Drop campaigns are an exciting way for game developers to generate interest and viewership for their games. They also boost the viewership of creators who choose to stream these games. This policy change ensures that Drops remain a fun and fair feature for everyone involved.

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TwitchCon 2024 Dates Announced

TwitchCon 2024 Dates Announced
TwitchCon 2024 Dates Announced

Twitch has announced dates for TwitchCon 2024, featuring a brand new city for the European event and the return of an old fan favorite for the North American convention. Let’s dive into the details and what this means for the Twitch community.

Rotterdam Welcomes TwitchCon Europe

For the first time, Rotterdam, Netherlands, will host TwitchCon Europe from June 29-30, 2024, at the Rotterdam Ahoy. This marks a new chapter for the European convention, which has been held in various cities over the years. Rotterdam will continue to be the home of TwitchCon Europe for the following two years, 2025 and 2026.

San Diego: A Beloved Venue

The San Diego Convention Center is set to welcome back TwitchCon North America from September 20-22, 2024. Having hosted the event in the past, San Diego has proven to be a hit with attendees, and the commitment to this venue extends through 2028.

Learning from Las Vegas

Last year’s TwitchCon in Las Vegas received pushback from the community, with many attendees voicing concerns over the event’s location. The Las Vegas Strip was criticized for being expensive, not pedestrian-friendly, and lacking casual spaces for streamers to gather.

San Diego’s Community Vibe

Having experienced TwitchCon at the San Diego Convention Center myself in 2019, I can vouch for its suitability. The city becomes a vibrant hub for the event, with eateries and bars transforming into lively meeting spots for streamers.

Ticket Information

Get ready to mark your calendars—tickets for TwitchCon Europe will be available for purchase this February. Details regarding the ticket release for TwitchCon North America will be announced soon.

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