Episode Description

A summary of all the major news in live streaming from 2021. We’ll be discussing all the products, major software releases, platform updates, and streamer acquisitions that happened in 2021.

Streaming Recap 2021 - A CRAZY Year for Streamers - EP50 The Gaming Careers Podcast

Topics Covered

  • Discord Premium Memberships
  • 1 Trillion Minecraft Views
  • Grouping YouTube Subscriptions
  • Subscription Cancellation Reasons
  • Twitch Creative Directory
  • Channel Goal Updates
  • Twitch Recap 2021
  • TikTok Live Studio
  • 2021 Hardware in Review
  • Biggest Software Updates
  • Platform Updates of the Year
  • Big Streamer Moves
  • All The Rest In 2021
  • The Best and Worst of 2021
  • The Year in Categories
  • Wishlists for 2022

Video Podcast

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