Episode Description

Elgato recently launched NINE new products for streamers and content creators. We’ll be chatting live with Elgato GM Julian Fest about what it’s like to build products for such a growing industry, how Elgato have grown to become one of the leading brands in the creator space, and why sometimes you can’t please everyone when it comes to price.

Why Are Elgato Products SO Expensive? LIVE Q&A with Julian Fest

Topics Covered

  • Elgato Product Summary
  • The Facecam Design
  • Elgato's First Release Event
  • Creating Balance
  • The Cost of Convenience
  • The Wave XLR
  • How About The VSTs
  • Two Arms
  • Julian's Preferred Platforms
  • The Elgato Journey
  • Live Streamers vs. Content Creators
  • Is TikTok Here To Stay?

Video Podcast

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